Seen & Heard: More on Danny Meyer

••• This just came in over the transom in regard to the speculation about restaurateur Danny Meyer sniffing around the Embassy Suites building in BPC: “The Danny Meyer thing is for real… Goldman now owns those buildings, and they’re negotiating with him.” It certainly makes one wonder about the fate of the lower-end restaurants in the complex….

••• Textile and furniture company Archipelago moved from 38 Walker to 105 Rivington, 2nd floor, at the end of April. Do we officially have a home-store exodus now? Intérieurs, Paul Kohn, Archipelago….

••• Bubby’s sour cherry and triple berry pies are being sold in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Having had a slice of the sour cherry pie two weeks ago, I can attest to its appeal…. But I do find the William-Sonoma deal kind of amusing given Bubby’s (laudable!) obsession with sourcing food locally.

••• Congratulations to interior designer (and TC contributor!) Ghislaine Viñas won the 2010 Benjamin Moore Hue award for use of color in residential design.

••• Saluggi’s began serving brunch as of this weekend.

••• I had coffee with someone the other day who pointed out an iPhone app, CardStar, that allows you to use your phone to store frequent-user codes (such as Duane Reade’s and Food Emporium’s). Worth checking out to make checking out easier. This is probably one of those things that everyone but me knew about….

••• On Tuesday, May 18, New York Vintners will host a tasting of Veuve Clicquot base wines (and three Champagnes) with cellar master Dominique Demarville—”for the first time on American soil.” $100.

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  1. The Spotted Pig/Breslin people are also putting a restaurant in.