The Colors of Fall

About the photographer: Dev Tandon is an amateur photographer and the founder of—a simple, elegant, and free online portfolio for visual artists. He lives on Barclay Street with his wife and two daughters, and he loves Tribeca.

Dev Tandon went foraging for fall, and he found it everywhere—not just pumpkins and dead leaves, but flashes of autumnal color all around the neighborhood. (Click on any photo to see it larger and full-frame.)



  1. I appreciate the effort, but not autumnal enough for my taste. Just taking pictures of things that are orange, like contruction fencing over a maroon pick up truck is not enough. Here’s a novel idea, take actual photographs of fall foliage in a Tribeca park. It so obvious and un-hip that it could actually be considered innovative and ground breaking these days.

  2. Great shots! Love the unconventional eye for fall colours.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more, George. What’s less creative than capturing fall by taking a picture of foliage. True artistry is taking a concept and illustrating it in a novel and unexpected way. Kudos to Mr. Tandon. You’re a true genius!

  4. Lame! Why this amateurish stuff is considered worthy of publication is not readily apparent. Perhaps the editor is friends with this point and shoot photographer.

    Tribeca deserves better.

  5. Dev – nice work. You have a unique sense of color and composition. You took a basic concept and made it interesting and varied. Kudos. (I would, however, suggest a tighter edit next time.)

    Erik – maybe you should run a photo contest on the site. If people think this work is so ‘amateurish’, let’s see if they can do any better!

  6. I enjoyed that beautiful collection of shots. Thanks for posting.

  7. Krysto, my point is the overly self conscious hipper than thou interpretion of autumn has become tired and passe. What’s cool now are actual photographs of fall foiliage! Including colorful leaves in photographs about autumn would be an innovative and unexpected thing nowadays. Contrsution orange fencing, rusted metal, grafitti, brooding shadows etc. are so 2008.

  8. Lovely work and a great eye for capturing detail and color.

  9. Love this “urban” fall collage, with its glorious colors! Reminds us that beauty lies all around, though in unexpectant places…