In the News: NYPD Stable Closing

••• “The New York Police Department may convert horse stables at the 1st Precinct in Lower Manhattan [i.e., the ones on Varick] into the new station house for the World Trade Center police command, according to an official with knowledge of the plans. The NYPD will eventually assign 673 officers to a new command dedicated to policing the area around the former World Trade Center site. Officers will be added incrementally as the Freedom Tower and other buildings are finished. The stables at the 1st Precinct on Ericsson Place are about 12 blocks away from the World Trade Center site. The stable’s equine occupants will be moved to other police stables throughout the city, a police official said.” Surely there’s somewhere closer for the WTC police command? (Wall Street Journal, via Curbed) Photo by Wickham Boyle.

••• And it’s about to get much worse: “Lower Manhattan’s top attractions saw 45 percent more visitors early this year compared to 2010.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Future Anxiety,” now at the Flea, gets a good review from the New York Times.

••• Midtown Lunch has the menu from Soul Daddy, the new reality-TV-winner restaurant in the Seaport. Wait, here’s a review, too.

••• “After opening a second location at 154 Orchard, Thai-fast-food favorite Rhong-Tiam has announced that it’s opening a third one at 38 Water Street, a couple of blocks from Battery Park. There’ll be delivery, online ordering, and VIP loyalty cards when the location opens May 30.” Maybe FiDi should change its name to FaFoo, short for “fast food.” (Grub Street)

••• “[Anna] Boiardi is the granddaughter of Mario and great-niece of Hector and Paul Boiardi, immigrant brothers who founded the Chef Boyardee Co. in 1928 after working at swank New York spots such as the Plaza.” She lives in Tribeca and has a new cookbook. (New York Post)

••• The Tribeca Trib has an article about the Sol Le Witt sculptures going up (temporarily) in City Hall Park. The good news: Not all will be charmless bare cinderblock. The big question: Are they going to fence the one across from the Brooklyn Bridge? Because it’s so getting climbed.

••• “President Obama will travel to New York City this September to observe the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 and the opening of a memorial at ground zero, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Tuesday.” Ya think? (New York Times)

••• “Fashion designer Erin Fetherston […] recently signed a five-year deal for 2,600 square feet on the second and third floors of 225 W. Broadway, at White Street. […] Ms. Fetherston, who had been based for three years in the heart of the garment center on West 37th Street, said the move south is a refreshing change, and allows her to walk to work. ‘I love the European flavor that Tribeca has to offer,’ she said. She replaces the Bruce High Quality Foundation, an arts collective.” (Crain’s)

••• “There is no end in sight for Downtown’s baby boom. That’s the message of a study released last month by Community Board 1, which looked at first births in Lower Manhattan through 2008. According to an analysis of Department of Health records, first births held relatively steady between 2002 and 2008, indicating that many more babies will be coming from those first-time parent.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “By Gigi Salomon’s estimate, some 150 artists lived in Tribeca before 1980. Her goal is to track down and kill interview every one of them.” (Tribeca Trib)



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  2. I love the smell of hay and fresh horsesh@t when I come out of the 1 train- makes me feel like I am living in the country, if only for a minute. That is my second favorite neighborhood smell- my first was when Bazzini used to roast nuts upstairs.