The New Whole Foods Wellness Club

I just attended the media preview for Whole Foods Tribeca’s Wellness Club, which opens today. It’s on the second floor, in a walled-off room to the left, before you reach the seating area.

The club's calendar (click to enlarge).

I only have 30 minutes to write this, so I’m breaking it down:

••• If you’re the kind of person put off by phrases such as “personal health journey” and “wellness is a process,” you may find it rough going.

••• On the other hand, members get a 10% discount on items throughout the store (look for the green tags), and not just joyless bread and soy milk (they were just the first two tagged items I saw). Many fresh vegetables are discounted. Members will be issued an ID card to show/scan at checkout.

••• The cooking classes could be educational. Club chef Juan Pablo Chavez was engaging, and he made a fig-and-pasilla mole that looked good. (I have a long-held rule of not eating at events; got to keep trim, you know. You can get the recipe at the club.) I learned that onions don’t have to be sauteed in a fat, as long as you start with a hot pan and add some liquid as you go.

••• Seminars will include topics such as “Protein: Fact and Fiction” and “Food Addiction: The Lure of Unhealthy Foods.” Personalized individual sessions are also available.

••• The club will hold fitness classes (yoga and tai chi are the two currently on the calendar).

••• “Fellowship” is another large component, with meals and other get-togethers (“Holistic Happy Hour”) on the schedule.

••• Events and classes are open to non-members. See the scans below for pricing.

••• The Tribeca club is one of five nationwide that Whole Foods is rolling out, with more to come if it succeeds. I have to say I find Tribeca an interesting choice. On one hand, Tribecans do care about their well-being; on the other, they seem pretty educated on taking care of themselves…? Finding overweight people at the Tribeca Whole Foods can be a challenge. Maybe it’s a new drinking game! Shots of almond milk every time you see one!

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