In the News: Nili Lotan Turns East

••• David Bouley on Brushstroke: “Most times we’ll continue to evolve. We’re putting in a private dining room as well. I’m not sure when it will come about. We’re slowly putting it together, but it’s clear what we want to do. It will be a dining room that will also be for demonstrations, with windows made of that glass that turns gray or clear when you flip a switch. Sometimes we’ll Skype with folks. There will be documentaries, and there may be holograms showing some of the things that are happening in Japan. We want to get to a point in the private room that also corresponds to all the health benefits of this food, or how you can do this at home.” —Eater

••• “Designer brand Nili Lotan has leased space at 38 Main St in East Hampton, the fashion retailer’s first Hamptons location.” —CityBiz Real Estate

••• “Brooks Brothers is on its way to Wall Street. The white-shoe fashion retailer is in negotiations to lease two floors totaling 7,000 square feet at 35 Wall St., just steps away from the New York Stock Exchange.” I wonder if that means they’ll ditch the Liberty Plaza store. —New York Post

••• Tribeca Greenmarket report: “R & R Produce will be returning this Saturday! Vegetables, Mexican specialty produce, and herbs from the fertile black dirt region of Orange County, New York. Also, please welcome Walling’s Maple Syrup this Saturday! Hailing from South New Berlin, NY, they’ll be bringing different grades of syrup, maple cream, candy and more.”

••• And since I’m still away, I’ll throw this question from a reader named Robbie out to readers: “Hey, we have been catching a strange odor in the air in north Tribeca—near Precinct 1. At first we thought it was something that had to do with an air conditioner in the building or elevator engine but then noticed the smell when we walk outside. I noticed it when I left work last night all the way north at Spring and Varick. Do you guys have any info on this? Is there some sort of work being done down here that would produce that odor? It’s like an electrical burning smell….” Anyone know anything?


  1. I smell that smell too by Leonard and Broadway. No idea where it is coming from

  2. That strange electrical burning smell is still there today around Church and Worth.