Museum of Modern Graffiti | February 2013

Here’s what I’ve come across in greater Tribeca since October. Click to see the works in all their glory—and thanks to Andrea for the one that riffs off “Post no bills.”

street art why does love hurt so much franklin 2313 street art westbroadway robert janz 2413 street art spring street 101112 street art Love Not Kills by Andrea street art heart greenwich 101712 street art hearrt sculpture greenwich 22213 street art franklin pman credit 2113 street art face wbway 121112 street art cortlandt alley suit 21313 street art cortlandt alley naked emperors 21313 street art cortlandt alley dollars 21313 street art black and white head cortlandt alley 2313Previously:
October 2012
August 2012
July 2012


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