The Dreaded Drill Has Been Spotted Again

362 BroadwayWe know what the Dreaded Drill means by now…. Someone wants to build something new at that spot. We’ve seen it doing soil tests at 100 Franklin, 101 Murray, 460 Washington, 454-456 Greenwich, 445 Washington, and so on….

And now, thanks to a reader who sent the above pix, it has been spotted outside 59 Franklin. What’s depressing about this is that it likely means that the entire southeast corner of Broadway and Franklin is being developed. You may recall that 360-362 Broadway (site of the Roll & Go pizza joint and the American Icon souvenir store) were sold last June; at the time, it was said that “the building is also potentially part of a larger development site. Based upon its land size of 6,440 square feet and the zoning designation of C6-4A, which carries a 10.0 floor area ration, the building leads to a total of 64,440 buildable square feet.”

There’s nothing new on the Department of Buildings website, but when you search 59 Franklin, you do find—from back in 2008, before the economy tanked—an application to build a new building. What’s more, the owner of 59 Franklin is listed as 358 Broadway LLC.

That’s a big chunk of history about to get demolished. And for what? Shouldn’t be surprised, though: The recent residential boom on Broadway—especially between Canal and Worth—in both new buildings and conversions, has been nothing short of breathtaking.

360 Broadway2

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