Museum of Modern Graffiti | June 2014

Notable street art spotted in greater Tribeca since December. Click to see the works in all their glory.

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  1. Museum of Modern Vandalism. Look at me! Look at me!!! Somebody PLEASE look at me!!!

  2. I don’t mind this type of street art (I actually really enjoy it) since these guys use paint that washes of with water and wheat paste posters that also come off easily. I believe it turns into a bad thing once permanent paint is used.

  3. “Washes off with water & wheat paste” You’re adorable, Claudine. Who is responsible for washing them off? Because the rain sure doesn’t do it. Where do you live? Could you please post your address so these fartists can use your building as their canvas?

  4. I knew I was setting mysef up for a reply. Thanks for the laugh!