Lower Manhattan in 1980: A Photo Essay

In 1980, Ed Sijmons and LouiseLH of Amsterdam visited New York City and took hundreds of photos—and in 2015, delightfully out of the blue, Sijmons emailed, offering them to me to run here. The photos are from all over the city, so I grabbed the ones of local interest; they’re not of Tribeca, but they are of FiDi, Chinatown, the Village, and the Lower East Side. (Sijmons and LouiseLH are coming back to the city next year. Let’s hope they’re braced for the change.)

To see them all, go to Sijmons’s Flickr page and scroll down through the albums until you see “NYC 1980 part1” (and parts 2, 3, and 4). And these all get bigger if you click on them.


  1. Love these photos! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Enjoyed these pics, thanks.

  3. For someone like myself who lived in t he Chambers Street West Broadway aea from 1974 until 1986 these photos lack intimacy,