Where to Order Chinese Food in Tribeca

“Could we have a poll of where everyone orders Chinese delivery/take-out in the ‘hood?” commented HH on the post about Taco House going half-Chinese. “I still haven’t found my go-to spot and I’ve been living in Tribeca for 10 years, as nothing comes close to the take-out joint I frequented in Forest Hills where I grew up.” And the responses were:

••• “Grand Sichuan is our favorite Chinese restaurant. 15 7th Ave. South and Leroy St. The place is always busy and they deliver to Tribeca. Excellent food and friendly staff.” —Stacy

••• “My Chinese options for Tribeca/BPC delivery: Red Egg (below), Famous Sichuan, China Blue.” — pk

Red Egg••• “Excellent Dumpling House, 111 Lafayette St. The dumplings are indeed excellent, thought during the blizzard weekend the other stuff less so. Open only till 9pm.” —Dixie

••• “Jing Fong (below). They deliver in Tribeca.” —SW

courtesy Jin Fong••• “Try No. 1 Chinese (below). Open 7 days, fast delivery. The food is old school and very good.” —Slue

General Tsos chicken from No1 Chinese••• “China Blue (below). We initially thought it was too expensive but it depends on what you order. The quality and taste are excellent and consistent.” —Huck’s mom

mixed mushrooms at China BlueIf you have one to add, email tribecacitizen@gmail.com or comment on this post.

UPDATE 2/2: A few more have come in….

••• “If you can’t handle gluten and are frustrated by the poor GF listings on sites like seamless, go straight to Wei West, who has the most extensive GF Chinese menu I’ve found.” —Rachel

••• “I also order from Nom Wah on Caviar (local delivery fee $1.99 for Tribeca).” —Andrea

••• “I only ever order their soup dumplings, but Shanghai Cafe Deluxe on Mott will deliver to Tribeca. Usually requires an interesting phone call to make it happen though.” —M.