Seen & Heard: Wandering Bull

••• “A scale replica of the Bowling Green bull showed up outside Two Hands on Church [yesterday] morning,” reports P. “A man from a freight company told me that it had been miss-delivered; it was intended for the same block of West Broadway, presumably at one end or the other of Finn Square.”

wall-street-bull-on-church••• Gourmet Garage’s Tribeca store is getting into the kids’ entertainment biz with Saturday performances at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. through Dec. 17. This week: CC and Mallory, sing-along storytellers, followed by Wonderspark puppets.

gourmet-garage-kids-brunch-schedule••• Something called Prologue Coffee is opening on the west side of Lafayette, just north of Canal.

prologue-coffee-lafayette-north-of-canal••• On August 19, I complained about the lot under development at 456 Greenwich—it’ll be a hotel, someday—taking over three sidewalks (Greenwich, Desbrosses, and Washington). If there’s active construction, I can forgive it, but there’s still zero evidence of any progress. It’s dangerous to make people walk in the street (which people constantly do) and it’s certainly not great for the two restaurants on that block of Greenwich.

456-greenwich••• Loved the Carmen Herrera show at the Whitney! It’s up through Jan. 2. The show of portraits from the permanent collection is worthwhile, too (although I’m iffy on the gallery of “portraits without people”).