Seen & Heard: YogaSpark Opening Date

••• “The homeless lady who has been for more than a year on the southern tip of Bogardus Garden is no longer there since this morning,” emailed S. yesterday. “All her stuff is gone. It is the lady who took very good care of herself, brushed her teeth in the morning, had an umbrella when it was raining, etc. She was there on Saturday with the snow and is gone since this morning. Does anyone know what happened?”

••• YogaSpark, on Duane between W. Broadway and Hudson, opens January 1.

••• Sole di Capri will open on Sundays after the holidays.

••• “Increasingly baffled by 111 Reade,” emailed M. “It’s been leaning (to the right in the picture) for over two years, and hard to say but it may be getting worse. They appear to have vacated all the apartments, as well as Ward III (I assume because of the lean, or related repairs). It’s sort of hard to imagine a situation where the lean is unsafe for tenants of the building but OK for construction workers or soon-to-be patrons at Serafina next door?” I think that’s more of a statement than a question. The Department of Buildings filings mention “masonry load bearing wall stabilization,” and I guess they think it’s serious enough to warrant repair but not serious enough that anyone is currently at risk.

••• Something is happening in the former Happy Mailman space at 504 Greenwich—the windows have been papered.