The Tribeca Citizen Shopping Guide

You may not have even realized there’s a Tribeca Citizen Shopping Guide, because I’ve kept it on the down low as I worked on it. Having finally created entries for all—or nearly all—of the shops in the neighborhood, I’ve taken the guide out of beta, but it’ll remain a work in progress for a while. In the meantime, perhaps you’ll find it useful. You can always find it by clicking on the Shopping Guide icon (pictured above) in the left column of every page of this site.



  1. I heard through a Mommy group that the Book Nook (nursery/preschool) in UWS is opening a new location in Tribeca.

  2. Wow, this is great work. Thank you, Erik!

  3. Can someone please help me figure out what is going to be at the old NYSC on Reade Street and Greenwich. I saw workers in there, with lights on, looking as if they were working on something!