Tribeca’s Cornerstone Is Looking Iffy

Tribeca‚Äôs Cornerstone, founded in 1991, has been closed since February 16, initially for Con Edison repairs. But owner Sasha Zielin is losing hope that it’ll reopen. “In order for Cornerstone to resume business, we needed to get a permit,” he wrote in an email. “When we tried to get it, violations popped up on the building that were unrelated to Cornerstone. It seems like the landlord would rather sell the building instead of fixing those violations. (Understandable. I’m sure the cost is enormous.) As of now, things are not looking good for us. We are devastated!” Zielin says a sale is still up in the air, and if there is a new owner, he or she could be receptive to Cornerstone staying. Time will tell.


  1. Maybe they can find a new location in the area. That’s the only place I could get tasty and affordable chicken wings.

  2. This place is the best.

  3. So sad. The most generous business on
    Halloween as well. Very old school. They will be

  4. Brutal. Especially since it’s out of their control.

  5. Totally agree with above comments. They’ve literally been a cornerstone of the neighborhood since early 90s when so little was around. For the neighborhood’s sake I hope they find a way to reopen and soon. Summer is almost here and our kids love their fried chicken.