In the News: Sheldon Silver’s Conviction Was Overturned

••• “An executive at a billion-dollar investment bank was busted at the Tribeca Whole Foods for shoplifting $210 in goods—which he allegedly tried to sneak out in his children’s stroller, court records revealed.” The media is jumping all over this, but the guy’s lawyer’s explanation seems logical to me: The alleged thief “was pushing a double stroller with his young children and wanted to check the price of an item located behind the cashier, and the only way to reach the item without leaving his children unaccompanied was to walk around the cashier down the ramp toward the item he was looking at but happened to be near the exit.” —New York Post

••• Eater looks at the closing of SP’s Nuts & Candy, first reported here.

••• “A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned the 2015 corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver, the once-powerful New York State Assembly speaker who obtained nearly $4 million in illicit payments in return for taking official actions that benefited others, according to evidence presented at his trial.” —New York Times

••• “The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, an umbrella organization of 100 non-profit affordable housing and economic development groups that serve low- and moderate-income residents in all five boroughs of the City […] has completed an exhaustive look at threats to affordability in every community in the five boroughs, and has found that Lower Manhattan ranks among the ten most at-risk neighborhoods.” You don’t say. —Broadsheet

••• Thefts and assaults in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• “Parts of [Governors Island] could become a working farm. The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture based in Pocantico Hills, N.Y. is looking into this idea with the help of the Trust for Governors Island. […] For the three week period that started on July 10, food and agriculture will be the focus of an intensive design studio to develop proposals for the future of food on Governors Island. The studio is bringing together 10 food system leaders from around the country to explore how the island can play a catalytic role in the New York City region’s food movement.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• “Cup & Saucer, the classic diner at 89 Canal St., is closing next week after 30 years at the same location.” I hope the signage stays! —The Lo-Down

••• A New York Times article about the closing of the Colette store in Paris says that the 10 Corso Como store in the Seaport District won’t be opening until next year.


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  1. 10 Corso Como will not open until next summer 2018, when it will likely debut with the rest of Pier 17.