Valentine No. 58

For the seventh summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see the previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

While people who live on Staple Street evidently disagree, I love coming across a fashion shoot (and there seem to be more and more of late), whether it’s a full production like the one above or just a photographer and a model. Recently, I was walking up Cortlandt Alley when I ran into a model in a bathing suit giving her all in a filthy doorway that I know always smells of urine. The shoot itself would’ve made for a great photo, but I felt bad enough for her already.



  1. If only the staff don’t act like they own the street or sidewalk. I mean, whenever I stumble these photoshoots, I give them no hassle: when i am asked to not walk through the shoot, I stop and let them take their shoot. But when they are pausing for a break or fixing the hair or make-up of the models and nothing is going on, the staff just stand their ground and do not give way to the pedestrians and I have to walk around them. Just don’t be bunch of self-entitled and self-important jerks. We make them feel welcome in our streets and neighborhood. They should do the same, esp. since they;rs the one inconveniencing us.

  2. Agreed with comment above.
    As as I see it, fashion, TV, music video, film shoots are all fine and welcome…if they are respectful and courteous.

    I’ve been rudely yelled at to cross the street during a TV shoot “You! Yes, you! Cross the street now!” … to cross the street against a red light and through moving traffic, no less! Of course I ignored that request and the yeller just became more irate.

    They are the guests in the neighborhood, and should act as good guests, and then we can be gracious hosts. But if they are rude, they can expect the same in return. And if they try to ruin my day with rudeness, I’ll gladly ruin their shot.