A Furniture Showroom Is Opening on Hudson

L.A.-based furniture maker Thomas Hayes is opening a showroom at 51 Hudson, which used to be part of H&H Building Consultants (and was supposed to be ONDA Beauty before it decided it preferred W. Broadway). From Hayes’s website:

Thomas Hayes Studio offers striking modern furniture that is unique in its fidelity to the best elements of mid-century design. Pieces are conceived in the distinctive vision of Thomas Hayes and are the expert, elegant synthesis of the Californian Craftsman revolution and Brazilian design from that period. For the most part, designs are inspired by the exotic woods and joie-de-vivre culture of the modern era (and of today) in Brazil.

It’s all “handmade in Hollywood.” More when it opens, which would appear to be soon, as there’s already furniture inside. Below: a few pieces, to whet your appetite.