Tribeca Citizen Restaurant Guide
The Copenhagen (Closed)
13 Laight St.
(at St. John's Lane)

Between all the Danes, the food, the decor—Danish furniture and tableware—and the northern light, you’ll feel like you’re on a quickie to Europe. The  highlight is smørrebrød, complex open-faced sandwiches: Atop the rye dense bread is a smear of something creamy (butter or mayonnaise), something substantial (meat, usually), something crispy (fried potato slices, perhaps), something piquant (maybe pickled green tomato cubes), and a dusting of herbs. The smørrebrød are small, but nicely priced ($7-$10), and filling, thanks to the bread. The restaurant makes its own aquavit in house: Flavors might include dill, lemon, roasted pumpkin, or toasted rye bread. (Closed June 2016)

The Copenhagen The Copenhagen2

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  1. Sorry to disagree, but I didn’t find anything “substantial” or “filling.” I never complain about quantity, but I’m making an exception here. The portions are not “small,” but minuscule. I almost never finish a restaurant meal, but I left hungry even with dessert.

    I was there not long after it opened so I hope the other problems–really really slow service and staff who hold the door open and allow cold air to blast through the room–have been resolved since then. The food, once it arrived and for as long as it lasted, was quite good.