Landmarc (Closed)
179 W. Broadway
(bet. Leonard and Worth)

Marc Murphy’s boisterous, two-story American bistro is butch enough to appeal to men (note the post-industrial décor, the preponderance of meat, and the open grill in back), refined enough not to turn off women (no TVs, for one thing), and fun enough that kids dig it, too (especially the gratis cotton candy and caramels). What everyone loves—well, maybe not the kids—is the wine program, which marks up bottles by a small amount; there’s a very long list, and you can order a half bottle but not by the glass. The tiny bar is tough to get a seat at, making Landmarc less than ideal for solo diners. Popular for brunch and open late. Closed July 2017.



  1. Had their zuccotti bolognese the other night – simply divine. And those caramel treats!! That’s the first stop on my trick-or-treatin’ walkabout. And I am bringing two pillow cases!

  2. Take-out is comical. Don’t bother telling them anything specific, as they’ll just say, “Yup” and it gets delivered WRONG again and again and again…..and again. Following-up with them is additionally comical. Pretty basic stuff, but overly complex for them to comprehend or execute. And no more caramels. Just sayin’.