Simit + Smith (Closed)
111 Worth St.
(between Broadway and Lafayette)

Tribeca’s global cuisine scene got another boost when Simit + Smith opened its second location, at 111 Worth. (The first was on the Upper West Side.) The chain specializes in a Turkish bread called the simit, which comes in two shapes—ring and loaf. The first doesn’t just look like a bagel; it also tastes like one—especially if you get it with cream cheese. The loaf simits are more ideal for sandwiches: Simit + Smith offers fillings such as egg salad with sumac; smoked salmon and cream cheese; and turkey, provolone, avocado, and roasted red pepper. You can also buy a poğaça (poh-ah-chah), perhaps stuffed with feta and parsley. Of note: Two bottled Turkish beverages you don’t see much around here—Ayran yogurt drink and Uludağ orange soda. Naturally, Simit + Smith makes Turkish coffee, as well as more traditional types. Closed 2017.

Simit and Smith roomSimit + Smith

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