A Japanese Restaurant Is Opening on Franklin

175 Franklin Sushi TatsuThe public notice required for a Community Board 1 liquor license hearing has been posted at 175 Franklin (directly east of Shinola); the notice says it’s for Sushi Tatsu. There are three Sushi Tatsu restaurants in Brooklyn, and presumably this will be the first in Manhattan. They look pretty undistinguished—the kind of places that also serve Thai food and fried rice. And the interior of the one on Flatbush (see below) is what you’d politely call a hole in the wall…. We’ll learn more at the CB1 Tribeca meeting on Sept. 9. If this is indeed related to the existing Sushi Tatsus, neighbors will likely want to come and find out about the company’s plans for its delivery vehicles. As we all know, cobblestoned streets tend to mean delivery guys prefer to ride on the sidewalk.
Two other restaurants got to this point for this space before sputtering: a chocolate-themed one and a Cuban one.

UPDATE: This is weird. The CB1 September agendas just came out, and the Tribeca Committee one includes this: “175 Franklin Street, application for restaurant liquor license for entity to be formed by Jean Dupuy.” That doesn’t sound like Sushi Tatsu, but who knows…. The only Jean Dupuys I find online are a pro hockey player and a 90-year-old artist.

UPDATE 8/30: The full story came out and it’s much more in line with what you’d expect for Franklin Street these days.

Sushi Tatsu public notice 175 FranklinSushi Tatsu III



  1. On the Sushi place: the quality of the food, and ultimately the popularity of this place, will depend solely on wether or not the owners/chefs are Japanese or have gone through sushi preparation training in Japan. This city, and especially this area, needs more low key, moderately priced sushi places that actually serve good quality sushi. Freshness is important but the skill of sushi preparation is something that’s lacking in most low to mid priced “Japanese” restaurants.

  2. I completely agree. If anyone knows of any good, moderately priced sushi places in the area the delivers, please let me know! Still haven’t found one and sushi isn’t something you’d really like experimenting with.

  3. We order from Kaede on Chambers btwn Church & Broadway when we want a mix of sushi and hot food. Their tempura and other fried dishes always arrive hot and crispy. When we just want a few rolls, we do Wei West in NBPC. Quality is great (good fish, loose thin layer of rice) and they have a 3 rolls + app special for $20, take-out/delivery only.

  4. Looks interesting. I doubt this is related to the other Sushi Tatsus of Brooklyn as the neighborhoods are not the same level here… With Nobu’s departure to FiDi, let’s hope this will be a good replacement!