Plans filed for a hotel at 86 Warren

The empty lot at 86 Warren (Greenwich/West Broadway) is being developed as an 11-story hotel with some residences for a grand total of 70 units (thanks to N. for the good eyeball). The permits are pending but note that the building height will be 135 feet with a mixed use of commercial (the hotel at 44,000 square feet) and residential (at 11,000 square feet). The structure will be concrete (vs. steel or masonry).

The authorized signatory for the owner is listed with the DOB as Paul Taylor of the architectural firm Stonehill Taylor (more on them below) who took a 75-year ground lease — from the Goldman family last month for $4+ million. The Goldmans — who also own another $6 billion in city real estate — acquired the site in the ’90s and are known to rarely, if ever, sell. UPDATE: James notes that the Goldman’s firm Solil Management — ground leased the property to an LLC who lists Solil as a client: “This is probably a consulting, operating and risk management arrangement by the property owner and not a real, arm’s-length ground lease.”

Stonehill Taylor has some gorgeous hotels in the city, not the least of which is the Crosby Hotel and my fave, the TWA hotel at Kennedy, but a cursory glance looks like none are this small. The company’s portfolio for both architecture and interior design also includes the Ace Hotel New York, the NoMad Hotel, The St. Regis New York, The Asbury Hotel, InterContinental Barclay, Park Terrace Hotel, The Whitby, and Paramount Hotel’s Diamond Horseshoe — and also a bunch of restaurants around the city. Curious to learn if they have ever developed a property themselves…

And more on the Goldman family’s holdings from The Real Deal:
Jane Goldman runs the day-to-day operations of Solil Management, the privately held firm that controls the more than $6 billion New York City real estate empire amassed by her father Sol Goldman, who died in 1987. This empire includes more than 345 buildings in New York City, most of them in Manhattan and almost all acquired by Goldman. A portion of the properties are leased to ground tenants through long-term leaseholds, while others are owned outright by Solil corporate entities. The properties include every conceivable type of New York property, from mixed-use to multifamily to gas stations.



  1. Do you think the city will have finished paving the street in front of the projected hotel by the time it opens in two or three years? I mean it’s already been well over two years of ConEd digging up and leaving a ditch with no work being done on same for, seemingly, weeks then months on end. Now, it’s all but ready to be paved and finished- so figure on another six months or so before they get around to actually doing it.

  2. The project cannot start until DDC is done on Warren Street.