Where in Tribeca?

Sonia Stock, who cannot be beat on Where in Tribeca?, will be the summer resident for the next few weeks. So lace up your walking shoes and start spotting.

Where are these holes in the wall?

…And, JimB got it first, though he had to wait for me to publish his comment. Well done. It’s the unfinished Bean sculpture at 56 Leonard. A worker there said they are getting going, with or without the crew from the UK.



  1. The Anish Kapoor sculpture on Leonard St.

  2. The bean sculpture at 56 Leonard

  3. I walked by this on Saturday morning wondering when (or if) this “bean” will ever be finished. Does anyone know?

    • It was reported here a while ago that the delay in finishing it had to do with the fact that the craftspeople couldn’t travel here from the U.K. to do the work, which requires specialized skills, due to pandemic restrictions.

    • The pieces are all delivered — and were before the pandemic — but the artist and his team are in the UK and they still cannot travel here without quarantining.