7-Eleven clerks take matters into their own hands

K. sent this absolutely insane video of two clerks at 7-Eleven on Broadway and Duane fending off what the Reddit poster called an “unruly customer” on Monday. See the video here. The man screams at them for a full three minutes while they slash at him with makeshift weapons — one looks like a giant dustpan. The man threatens them with the fact that he is the cousin of the prince of Saudi Arabia.

I checked with the NYPD and there is no report from that day, which means no one — not the clerks or anyone else in the store — bothered to call the police.

I have to assume they are so used to dealing with this sort of thing that they have their own methods…




  1. This block of Broadway between Thomas and Duane is so sketchy.

    • On Thomas, there are various meth heads and homeless people that sit on the steps of the AT&T building.

      The rear side of 105 Duane has a poorly-lit quasi-“courtyard” where I know for a fact a homeless guy sleeps behind one of the planters.

      Not to mention the abandoned McDonald’s.

      If you live on 1 Thomas or 8 Thomas, you definitely have to watch your back at night.

  2. When you have to defend your business and cops have their hands tied. So sad what this city has become. No one is accountable for crimes committed. Praying for better days in a city I once loved. Scary times.

    • Cops have their hands tied? By what? The police headquarters is a football field away from this 7/11 & the police budget has gotten nothing but increases recently. They aren’t even in the subways anymore because they know the public’s memory is short and we’ve all forgotten the lip service directive late last year that they’d be down there more often. When does the NYPD get a full top to bottom overhaul? Why can’t they share the responsibilty and gain even more respect by taking a good look at the job they – and no one else – have to do?

      • J Frank P in response to your comment. The cops are overwhelmed in our city right now. They make arrest and these criminals (assaults, muggings,) are back on the streets commiting the same crimes. Thats what I meant. Also, I don’t know why they didn’t call 911. Maybe because its constant. This man is clearly has mental illness. I see the cops on trains every day looking at their phones. Not kidding.

    • In my work I do see a unstable homeless, drunk, and high individuals from time to time. In my experience, when I call 911 the police show up quickly and immediately resolve the situation.

      In fact, the last time this occur I was truly concerned for my safety. I requested an officer stick around on the block to ensure the individual would not come back – and the officer was happy to assist.

      I am not sure why the 7-11 did not call the police right away, but their response time has always been very good.

  3. Love the comments here, we all now fear for our safety in what supposed to be the highest priced and most likely most heavily taxed area in NYC, yet we just had a local election and all the pro-criminal, defund the police, progressives got re-elected. maybe at some point we will all get tired of the destruction being caused by city council, DA’s, Mayor and Gov and vote for some sort of change. I miss this once great city but I fear its trajectory is a straight line down.

  4. If you’re expecting middle of the nowhere crime rates where you are safe in the middle of a cornfield, it may be time for you to move out of the city instead of being a squeaky wheel. We need more housing for the youth anyway

  5. Every location 7-11 has ever occupied in Tribeca has had its share of crime over the years. Actually, every store has had to deal with crime in tribeca.
    Back in the day when you were caught stealing in one store, the other shop owners were notified and the shoplifter was banned from entering the neighboring stores. There are hundreds of empty storefronts in Tribeca today……

  6. I filmed this video. Cops came about 2 min after the guy finally left. They asked the clerks if “something happened,” and if they were ok, and they were gone.