Amada (Closed)
250 Vesey St.
(inside Brookfield Place)

Chef Jose Garces 15th restaurant is his first in New York City; the others are primarily in Philadelphia (including the original Amada, his first establishment). The space is massive, seating around 250, divided up with partitions that—along with the lack of windows and the black, unfinished ceiling—make the restaurant feel a lot like a soundstage. (The only windows besides ones at the front door were in the tiny room called Amadita, which serves as a café during the day.) While the noise in the entrance/bar area is deafening, it calms down as you move toward the back, near the open kitchen. There are plans for outdoor seating for 60. The menu, which is as big as the space, includes Spanish classics such as tortilla and patatas bravas as well as more adventurous offerings. Closed March 2018.

Amada NYC entranceAmada NYC interior1Amada NYC kitchen