Arcade Bakery
220 Church St.
(bet. Worth and Thomas)

When Roger Gural says Arcade Bakery represents a homecoming, he isn’t just talking about returning to Tribeca, and how his first baking job was at Bouley Bakery. He actually lived at 40 Worth back then. His family is in real estate, and they manage the building; he used to live on the roof, where there’s one apartment, for a super—and he kept sourdough starter in the boiler room. His starter now has a more appealing place to stay: The bakery is in a beautiful hallway, with vaulted ceilings, that’s accessed via 220 Church. Because the floor is sloped, there are no chairs. Instead, Gural had eight tables built that swing down from the wood-paneled nooks, and you can stand or sit in the nooks. He and his team are baking delectable pastries—croissants, Danishes, sugared brioche—and bread in the morning, segueing into babkas, and, for lunch, pizzas and a couple of sandwiches. Note: Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  1. While I love the baguettes and croissants at this lovely bakery, which is cleverly located in a very welcoming and beautiful hallway, I am shocked at the prices. I recently purchased one baguette and two croissants totaling $9.00!! I thought that Whole Foods with its “Whole Paycheck” reputation was overcharging me until I came here. I must admit that the baguettes remind me of the heavenly baguettes I used to eat in France and which somehow Americans have difficulty replicating; however, I assure you that the French would never charge this much for bread either in France or in the USA because it would be considered a crime in their eyes. Fortunately, Triburbanites now have other options in the neighborhood, such as the new “Baked” across the street, Le Pain Quotidien, Grandaisy, and, of course, Whole Foods, to name a few, so let’s hope that competition will bring down the price of M. Gural’s baguettes to a more reasonable level.

  2. Maybe I’ve been living here too long, but $9 does not seem that bad to me.
    Especially when the quality is superior.

  3. Go here all the time. Sadly they won’t let me bring my dog into the arcade any more (no where near the food prep zone, which is behind the counter) Still, the excellent bread, sandwiches and pastries make it well worth it.

  4. Sadly Arcade Bakery closed a year ago.