Blaue Gans (Closed)
139 Duane St.
(bet. W. Broadway and Church)

When converting the old Le Zinc space to a wirsthaus, chef Kurt Gutenbrunner (Wallsé, Café Sabarsky) had the good sense to leave the fabulous array of gallery and museum posters all over the walls. As a result, Blaue Gans is one of the best spaces in Tribeca, thanks also to the lofty, barreled ceiling and the dramatic flower arrangement that usually lords over the bar. The food is German/Austrian, but with Gutenbrunner’s light touch. (Standouts include the sausages, the sauerkraut, the pretzel, and, for dessert, the exquisite Salzburger Nockerl.) Blaue Gans is a reliable brunch option, and at any time except perhaps after work—when crowds can drop in—the bar is great for solo diners. P.S. The name is pronounced blau-eh gahnz (“blue goose”). Closed September 2018.

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  1. Unfortunatly Blaue Gans has seen much better days…Food has gone dramatically downhill. Such a pity as this was a happening place.

    • I loved the lunch German spots are too expensive I used to live in ridgewood when it was German too much German knockoff food that’s super cheap but nothing beats the real stuff xschus johnny