Kung Fu Tea
315 Greenwich St.
(at Reade)

Bubble tea, if you’re not familiar with it, is a mix of tea or coffee, milk, sugar, and tapioca “bubbles.” The machines that shake the tea are mesmerizing, and the sensation of sucking on a straw only to find gummy tapioca spheres in your mouth is indescribable. The Tribeca location of Kung Fu Tea is also home to the Eggettes House: Eggettes are hexagonal waffles sold as a street food in Hong Kong, and you can get them with a scoop of ice cream and various toppings. In the refrigerated case, meanwhile, you’ll find treats such as mille crepe cakes, sawdust pudding, and little glass pots of panna cotta.

Kung Fu Tea Tribeca doorKung Fu Tea TribecaKung Fu Tea Tribeca bubble tea