North End Grill (Closed)
104 North End Ave.
(bet. Murray and Vesey)

The final Danny Meyer restaurant to open in the Goldman Sachs buildings—after Shake Shack and Blue Smoke—is along the lines of his beloved Union Square Café. The space is attractive, with predominantly dark tones crisped up with white tablecloths and various patterns (checkerboard floors, stripes in the occasional dropped ceiling, the circular light fixtures that resemble suction cups with stamens). The front room is a bar, with the kitchen along the back wall. Then you pass through the Prep Station Strait, sort of like at Maialino, en route to the main dining room, where the tables are generously spaced. Because the gratuity is included, prices can seem high at first glance. Closed December 2018.

North End Grill barNorth End Grill chefs counter


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  1. I love it! It’s obviously the best restaurant in BPC, but I think it goes beyond that, and is good enough to attract people from outside the neighborhood. That is something we haven’t had, at least since the old Hudson River Club in the WFC closed(and I never new who went there, anyhow). Unlike the average BPC restaurant, which usually feels like it was designed by a condo board or a corporate caterer, North End Grill is comfortable and welcoming. I especially love the fact that you are walked through the front kitchen/bar room to get to the dining room. I thought my lunch was very tasty. Great onion rings, a simply, but very flavorful and perfectly cooked pork chop, and whisky-heavy butterscotch pot de creme. It’s a fun menu with a bunch of choices that I can’t wait to go back and try. I’m very much looking forward to dinner and brunch.