397 Greenwich St.
(at Beach)
American (Traditional), Bakery/Coffee

A spinoff of Tom Colicchio’s Craft empire, Wichcraft raised the bar for sandwiches in Tribeca. Even if it has slipped a bit in recent years, the restaurant remains a reliable place to grab breakfast, a sandwich, or salad. The baked goods are recommended, too, especially the peanut-butter sandwich cookies. On weekdays, Citigroup employees from across the street pack the place after about 12:15 p.m., lured back for half-price coffee in the afternoon. Note: Wichcraft commendably only uses tomatoes when they’re in season, such as on the best-of-class BLT.

Wichcraftwichcraft BLT



  1. Stopped in there a few weeks back with my cousins for an iced coffee on a weekend….. The manager/or waitress comes storming over telling me I can’t take photos in the shop…all I was doing was taking pics of my gf and cousins.
    “No pictures of our signage” she yelled. I said I wasn’t taking the Wichcraft logo/signage at all. No photos!
    Nasty moron. Should have told her her signage is easily available on the web and easily shot from the sidewalk if that’s what I really wanted. Sorry but you lost me as a customer.

  2. Is this the only Grade C!!! is Tribeca? I will never enter again.

  3. Placed an order at 2:05 pm at 3pm tried to call to check but was unable to do so as phone is just a recording – so no way to check on the order – I don’t even know if it is coming which is frustrating
    Now I remember why I hardly ever order for delivery as it takes forever