44 Hudson St.
(bet. Thomas and Duane)
Apparel (Men)

ManuelRacim sells made-to-measure men’s shirts, and if you’ve never worn a custom-made dress shirt, you really should give it a try. First, you visit the shop, where a stylist will measure you. Then comes the fun part—designing your shirts. Around 200 fabrics are hanging on the wall, so you can see at a glance what you like (versus flipping through binders) and fondle them to your heart’s content. There are 15 collar styles, each available in four heights, in four types of rigidity, with two buttons or one. Eight cuff shapes are on offer, each in three cuff finishes. Finally, you can customize the button color, buttonhole stitching, collar fabric (if you want to mix it up), and monogramming. Naturally, the stylist is on hand to rescue anyone feeling overwhelmed by so much decision-making. Remarkably, the price depends only on the fabric and not on the complexity of the design, and there’s no minimum order. The shirts are made in France with Italian fabric and delivered to the store within just two weeks. Best of all, once you’ve been measured, you can order shirts using ManuelRacim’s website.