Aamann in New York

I’ll write up the unofficial minutes from last night’s CB1 Tribeca Committee later this morning, but first, here’s the part that got me excited: A new restaurant is coming to 13 Laight, in the Tribeca Film Building. That’s next to Tribeca Cinemas and across St. John’s Lane from Maserati of Manhattan. (I sensed/hoped it would become a café, because it must get amazing northern light, what with being on a corner and facing Capsouto Park.)

It’s an offshoot of Aamanns, a restaurant and takeaway shop in Copenhagen, and it’ll either be called Copenhagen or Copenhagen/Aamann.The space is 1,900 square feet, with capacity for up to 45 people. It’ll be open from 6:30 a.m. (9 a.m. on weekends) till 8 p.m., but manager Sanne Ytting (standing in the above photo) said they want a full liquor license in order to serve their special aquavit.

Here’s a bit about the vision:

Evidently, chef Adam Aamann, founder of the Aamann mini empire, is “famous for his open-faced sandwiches”—smørrebrød, as they’re known in Danish. (Try pronouncing it like this.) The restaurant will have a core of 100 smørrebrød recipes, with 12 on the menu any given day. A photo from Aamann’s website:

So you can see that style is part of the equation. Here’s the sample lunch menu for the New York restaurant:

There will also be pastries, chocolates, coffee, and so on. The packet  of info in the liquor-license application states that the “food concept is similar to restaurant Noma […]—rustic and totally Scandinavian.” Noma is considered by many to be the world’s best restaurant, so this is no small claim.

Adam Aamann’s bio: “Since Adam Aamann opened the doors of Aamanns restaurant and takeaway in 2006, he has received lavish praise from Danish and foreign critics alike. In 2007 he received an honorary diploma from the Danish Academy of Gastronomy in recognition of his efforts to elevate the open sandwich to a gastronomic art form. In the same year he won the prize for ‘Best open sandwiches’ at the annual competition held in conjunction with the ‘Gastronomiske Dage’ (Gastronomic Days) food show at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. In 2008 Aamanns was named ‘Lunch restaurant of the year’ in Gudme Raaschou Spiseguide, the annual guide to fine dining in Denmark.”

The room, meanwhile, appears to be a showcase of Scandinavian design, with “brand sponsors and partners” that include Carl Hansen, Fritz Hansen, Georg Lensen, Lisbeth Dahl, Anne Black, Hay, Normann, Bodum, Beck Sondergaard—I feel like I’m typing up a Minnesota phone book—Kvadrat, Summerbird, Menu, Holmegaard, and Charles Bank Gallery. The mood board looks like it wandered over from Just Scandinavian….

Finally, here are a few more photos and a video or Adam Aamann talking about how excited he is to come to Tribeca and feed Tribeca Citizen: