About Tribeca Citizen

By Jeenah Moon for the New York Times

I got the idea for Tribeca Citizen after I quit my job in the summer of 2008. (I had been the editor in chief of Budget Travel magazine, and before that I was an editor at Fortune, Travel + Leisure, and Town & Country magazines.) I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 2003, but I had always loved it a little blindly. Perhaps because I had time to take my (since deceased) pug, Howard, on much longer walks, I found I had all sorts of questions about new shops, restaurants, and real estate. When I couldn’t find a website with the answers, I began to envision one.

Trust is everything
Tribeca Citizen is entirely independent. While there is advertising, the site’s editorial integrity will never be compromised. I want this site to be smart, fun, useful, interesting, and above all, trustworthy.

Please comment! But…
Comments have to be approved before they’ll be posted, and I reserve the right not to publish one for any reason.
• A general rule of thumb: If you’re not comfortable putting your name on what you’re saying—and I hope you will—then maybe it’s not appropriate.
• Please don’t comment under more than one name.
• Anyone with a vested interest in the subject must say so. (If you’re touting your company’s products or services, your comment probably won’t be allowed because that’s what advertising is for.)
• If comments are turned off, the post was receiving an aggravating amount of spam.

Reach your target audience
Let’s talk about ways to get your message across. For more on that topic, go here.

What is Tribeca, anyway?
My definition of Tribeca is broad, because I’m as interested in what’s going on a few blocks north of Canal, or east of Broadway, or in Battery Park City, as I am about what’s happening at W. Broadway and Franklin. In essence, I’m defining Tribeca as anywhere I can persuade my husband, Adam, to walk for dinner. And I’m not spelling it TriBeCa because typing is hard enough as it is.

Please email me any thoughts you have, positive or otherwise, or even if you just want to say hello.

Erik Torkells