The Hotel Boom

View Upcoming Hotels in Lower Manhattan in a larger map

The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, possibly but not likely at my behest, recently published a list of forthcoming hotels in Lower Manhattan. Looking at it can make you feel like you’re looking at a list of hotels in Philadelphia: Platt Street? Fletcher Street? So I made a Google Map.

••• Blue markers: Hotels currently under construction.
••• Red markers: Hotels that are about to begin construction.
••• Yellow markers: Hotels that are either on hold or that haven’t announced construction plans yet.
••• Green markers: Hotels that have opened in recent years.

Of course, there are many more hotels—left unmapped—that have been around for years. (The accompanying text is mainly from the LMCCC, though I edited it a bit.)

The LMCCC focuses on the economic upside to all these hotels, and it’s hard to argue that empty buildings and vacant lots would be preferable (although some of the new buildings are undeniably cheap-looking). But my question is whether the sense of community suffers as a result.

Note: If you click the “View in a Larger Map” link you’ll see all the hotels listed alongside the map.