In the News: Woolworth Building Lobby Tours

Skyscraper Museum Woolworth Building exhibit••• “Since 2001, access to the [Woolworth Building] is restricted, even to its lobby. In celebration of the centennial, Woolworth Week, April 22-25, will include talks, receptions, and—hooray!—tours of the lobby, given by the manager of the building. Details are here.” The photo is of the Skyscraper Museum’s new exhibit about the Woolworth Building. —Manhattan User’s Guide

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a recent sale at 42 White: “This is a ‘1,669 sq ft’ penthouse (with all that outdoor space, yes) that just sold for $4.65mm.”

••• About the two city buildings being sold: “The community will get a 16,000-square-foot media center out of the deal” for 346 Broadway. What’s a media center? Isn’t it where you put your stereo? —Curbed

••• If the West Thames Bridge costs more than expected, no one knows who’s paying for it. —Broadsheet

••• A highlight from the Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter: “A street vendor was robbed when a woman with a cane embraced him, claiming that she wanted to be hugged. The woman swiped $400 from the man’s pants pocket.” Also: People! Please stop hanging your bags on the back of chairs at Starbucks!

••• “Georges Forgeois, who owns Cercle Rouge and several other French bistros, is opening a new American restaurant tonight called Clarkson. If you can believe it, this is the same Varick Street space that housed Steak Frites/Lucy Browne’s/Lobster House/Charolais, etc.” —Eater

••• Urban Outfitters is opening in the new building at 180 Broadway (at John), also to be the home of 600 Pace students. I guess it’ll be handy when the kids of Tribeca turn into teenagers. Below: The building as of last October. —Racked

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  1. Thanks, Erik! Just bought the last ticket to the tour. I’ve been inside many times – but never studied it, thinking it would always be there.