Whole Foods: Behind the Lines


whole-foods-1Visitors to the Whole Foods at Greenwich and Warren might wonder about the express lines: Namely, why are there two? Many shoppers still don’t understand that each line has its own monitor, and there’s always the risk of choosing the slower-moving line. Mary Snow Thurber, the store’s Marketing Team Leader, politely explained that when the store opened about a year ago, there were actually three express lines, and they were narrowed to two for the reasons above. So why not one line? Shoppers tend to it “psychologically discouraging” to discover a single long line, she said. Interestingly, Thurber also pointed out that the Tribeca store is the only one in the city that has check-out stations with their own lines (those would be the ones along Warren Street). They’re called “local lanes” because they’re akin to the ones at a traditional local supermarket.



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