RIP, QDT (and Sazón’s Greetings)

photo by Tribeca CitizenGood news and bad news on Reade Street—and, no, we’re not talking about the building that collapsed. The bar called QDT (an acronym for Quality Drinking Time) on Reade Street, between West Broadway and Church, has tapped its last keg. Meanwhile, a few doors down at 105 Reade, Sazón just opened in the space that used to be Fresh. It’s a sister restaurant to Sofrito on E. 59th Street. The menu is inspired by Puerto Rico, hence the name, which refers to a seasoned salt that’s used in Latin American cooking. Reservations can be made at 212-406-1900, but according to New York magazine, on weekends the restaurant is only accepting bookings for parties of six or more. Then again, if you’re a party of six and it’s a weekend and you’re at a place with two “VIP lounges,” we’re guessing you won’t mind waiting at the bar anyway.

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