News Roundup: Restaurants, Bars, Shoes, and Bad Behavior

seahorse1-by-tribeca-citizenseahorse2-by-tribeca-citizenrbc-by-tribeca-citizenSorry for the lack of posts lately; a lot going on. Here’a a roundup of recent happenings in Tribeca…

• Over in what I think of as the Fish District, north of the South Street Seaport and south of the Brooklyn Bridge, a new restaurant is taking shape at the corner of Front and Dover, where Belle de Jour was for a minute and a half. There’s a large seahorse where a sign might be, as well as maritime motifs in the windows, lending me to think that it’s a seafood joint, perhaps named Seahorse. I left a note a couple of weeks ago, but have yet to hear back.

• The New York Post ran a shocking story about who’s drinking at Biddy Early’s and Uncle Mike’s, both on Murray Street, in the middle of the day (and before heading back to work): World Trade Center construction workers. I kind of love how three reporters wrote the story—what fun is it staking out a bar if you have to go alone?

• The New York Times’s restaurant critic, Frank Bruni, gave Bar Artisanal one star, calling it “calculating” (what restaurant isn’t?), but he liked a bunch of the dishes regardless, especially ones involving cheese. Locanda Verde will presumably get a Bruni visit very soon.

• Speaking of which: Danyelle Freeman of the New York Daily News awarded Locanda Verde four out of five stars, and Bloomberg’s Ryan Sutton thought it only rated two out of four.

• The Tribeca Tribune had a nice write-up on Anbar Shoes, the shoe store on Reade Street that’s closing after more than 30 years.

• On Worth Street, east of Church, posters for a new café are in the windows: Its name is RBC, short for Really Bad Coffee. The posters tout organic snacks, cold-pressed coffee and an “earth-friendly facility.” Can’t find anything about it online, but it’ll have competition from La Colombe (five blocks north at Church and Lispenard) and Billy’s Bakery, on Franklin between Church and Broadway.


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