11/3 News: The Hole Truth

gonzalez-torres1-by-tribeca-citizengonzalez-torres2-by-tribeca-citizen• Here are two shots of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres billboard I mentioned yesterday. It was originally part of a project, Untitled, displayed in 24 New York City locations in 1992, in conjunction with the MoMA exhibition Projects 34: Felix Gonzalez-Torres. From Felix Gonzalez-Torres by Nancy Spector, which was published for a 1995 Guggenheim retrospective of the late artist’s work: “As with other works by Gonzalez-Torres, its meaning is entirely open-ended; the bed, at present a site of legislation, is also a place of utmost intimacy. […] This haunting image of a vacant bed may be read as Gonzalez-Torres’s personal testament of mourning for his lover, his life companion, who died in 1991. But for the majority who viewed this image ignorant of such intimate information, the double bed—clean, slightly rumpled, and beckoning with its promise of comfort—evoked thoughts of erotic moments past, or precious hours of relaxation, or lingering goodbyes at the time of death.” (She lost me at the end.) No word from Creative Time if they’re behind it…. UPDATE: I just read on Public Ad Campaign that the image has been “a darling of outdoor advertising companies looking to fulfill their percent for the arts programs and ‘obligations’ to the communities in which they operate.” So I guess I’m not supposed to be excited.

cavala-hole-by-tribeca-citizenwtc-arts-center-courtesy-gehry-partners• While looking for the best place from which to shoot the billboard, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this hole in CaVaLa Park. The park’s co-designer, Elyn Zimmerman, had mentioned there was a large room underneath the fountain….

• “The World Trade Center’s performing arts center, part of the site’s master plan but largely forgotten in the wake of all the infighting at Ground Zero, is in dire straits. But just when all hope seems lost, the story takes a twist. Some time in the past few days (or did we really miss it the first time around?), the Times updated its story on the PAC’s woes with the above preliminary design by Gehry Partners for the building—tucked between the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center, the extension of Greenwich Street and Norman Foster’s Tower 2, at least in theory. The design could be completely outdated (Frank Gehry was selected as the architect in 2004), but it’s an interesting glimpse into what could be, no?” (Curbed)

• While wating in line for a burger from the new Frites n’ Meats truck on Greenwich (near Chambers), I got around to reading the print version of this week’s Downtown Express. There was an interesting item about Salvatore Strazzullo, “a lawyer and recent Tribeca transplant [who] wants to sponsor a Christmas tree this year in Duane Park. He wants to collect toys to put under the tree and hold a ceremony in early December to give the gifts to underprivileged children.” Community Board 1 thought it smacked of self-promotion—the tree would somehow function as an ad for Strazzullo’s firm—and voted 19-16 against the idea. The Parks Department could still OK it, depending on whether the folks there believe in a church/state divide, and will “likely make a decision” next week.

Grimaldi’s FiDi outpost still likely to happen, says Grimaldi’s, also in Downtown Express. Interestingly, and somewhat unappealingly, there are now Grimaldi’s in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix, and one is planned for Reno.

• An update, sort of, on whether More North is closing: “Things are still up in the air,” says manager Jennifer Lindblad. “We can neither confirm nor deny that.”

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