2009 Buy-Local Gift Guide: Hudson

It’s a running joke in my household that we spend a lot of time inside Just Scandinavian but rarely buy anything—I could’ve picked out these pillows without bothering to go to the store ($188–$198), and I’m obsessed with this Josef Frank Manhattan print (but not so much that I’d buy the $365 bag made with it, as lovely as it is). The candles are meant to go on your Christmas tree, but please think twice before attempting such a maneuver—unless your “tree” is actually a pyramid composed of fire extinguishers. ($11). • 161 Hudson (at Laight), 212-334-2556, justscandinavian.com.


I wish that the creativity of the folks at Moomah would’ve rubbed off on me, because most of my photos from the café/shop/craft space turned out terrible. It’s a shame, because there was much to love: shadow-box kits ($25), Moomah jigsaw puzzles ($22), Moomah T-shirts ($18–$24), and of course these vintage stickers ($6.50) and this linen “artist apron” ($92–$96). 161 Hudson (between Laight and Hubert), 212-226-0345, moomah.com.


Abhaya has hundreds of fascinating objects, including many masks that I’d love to have staring at me, but I kept coming back to these hand-painted Tibetan bowls, circa 1960, made of pine ($70–$120). Simply perfect, and no bank-breaker. • 145 Hudson (between Hubert and Beach), 212-431-6931, abhayatribeca.com.


Baker always makes me think of 1950s Hollywood glamour, like there should be more crystal ashtrays and pitchers of martinis around. When I finally get around to furnishing my house in Bel Air, I think I’ll pick up this quartz candle holder ($648), somewhat Roman platter ($1,172), and pretty bowl (if you have to ask…). • 129–133 Hudson (at Beach), 212-343-2956, bakerfurniture.com.


It’s a shame I had already crossed my mom off my list of people to buy gifts for—because I had found something for her, I hasten to add, not because she’s been naughty. Pompanoosuc Mills‘s “Belle Fleur” pitcher is right up her alley ($53). Maybe next year. • 124 Hudson (at Ericsson), 212-226-5960, pompy.com.


Unlike the Design Within Reach in Soho, which has a ton of objets that would make for great gifts, our outpost has but a few non-furniture options, such as a set of three wonderful rubber pots ($110). • 124 Hudson (between Ericsson and N. Moore), 212-219-2217, dwr.com.


It’s possible I had furniture on the brain, given where I’d been all afternoon, but the thing that I liked most at Tribeca Issey Miyake was this felt—yes, felt—stool by Lerival ($330). • 119 Hudson (at N. Moore), 212-226-0100, tribecaisseymiyake.com.


A gift certificate to the Tribeca MedSpa is sure to please any of your friends or loved ones who aren’t already 100-percent perfect. Or just spring for these Miracle Pads—such chutzpah!—from Camille Cosmeceuticals ($65). • 114 Hudson (between N. Moore and Franklin), 212-925-9500, tribecamedspa.com.


I used to joke that one of my biggest fears in life was that my pants were too short, until it became clear—in 2001—that I had much bigger fears. I still do worry about my pants, however, so I’m Thom Browne‘s flood-watch style isn’t for me. His store is foxy, though, feeling as it does like a midwestern bank. Maybe it was that I didn’t expect a gray cashmere hat with dangly white pom-poms ($550) in such a faux-butch space, but I thought the hat was fantastic. (I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the store, which is fine, but it does seem incredibly rude that Browne’s PR firm, Kaleidoscope Consulting, won’t return my call. I’m sure they’re busy massaging their contacts in the magazine world…. Good luck with that plan, kids.) • 100 Hudson (at Franklin), 212-633-1197, thombrowne.com.

Babylicious had a red T-shirt with a motorcycle on it that I would actually like to wear, as well as neat Me-Tees—kids can customize what the front panel looks like (see below)—that I probably couldn’t pull off. The peace-sign gloves are ideal for kids who want to make a socially-conscious fashion statement, and The ABC&W Country & Western Alphabet is a clever-cute book, even if the cover seems to have reduced two of Dolly Parton’s core assets. ($28) • 51 Hudson (between Jay and Duane), 212-406-7440, babyliciousnyc.com.


Shoofly sure seems to get that kids love to dress up—check out the clip-on animal tails ($40; they come with noses) and lucha libre masks ($30). CPAs of all ages will love the chocolate bars molded to resemble calculators ($6). And I don’t have much to say about these dolls other than they make me smile ($30 each). • 42 Hudson (between Thomas and Duane), 212-406-3270, shooflynyc.com.


Lispenard, Walker, White, and Church
• Broadway, Canal, Jay, and Thomas
• Greenwich
• Washington, Vestry, and Beach
Murray and Warren


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