Here Comes Tamarind Tribeca

tamarind-tribeca-1-by-tribeca-citizenThe plywood has come off of what used to be the Socrates diner space at Hudson and Franklin, across from Nobu, and while the windows are still papered up, I did catch a glimpse of the inside when a worker opened a door—and it looks like it’s going to be very pretty inside. I called Tamarind, the Flatiron Indian restaurant that I had heard was behind the new restaurant. The staffer said Tamarind Tribeca, as it’ll be known, will open in about two weeks. “So it’ll be very similar to Tamarind proper?” I asked, figuring the name was indicative of the apple not falling far from the tree. “Well,” was the response, “it’ll be similar to Tamarind but I’m not sure about the ‘very.’ It’ll be similar but a little… spiced up.” Bring it! (I only had my iPhone with me, so please excuse the poor quality of the photos.)



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