A Piece of Chanterelle

chanterelle-menu-by-robert-indianaThe New York Times’s Diner’s Journal blog has a nice look at the exhibit of Chanterelle menus that opens today at Kill Devil Hill. I was prepped to go, but Greenpoint on a semi-snowy, 25-degree day? Happily, the menus are also available at chanterellestore.com; unhappily, the photo quality leaves something to be desired. More than just the menus is for sale: china, flatware, silver pieces, chunks of crown molding, the chandeliers the restaurant hung under the scaffolding during its last few years…. In fact, if you’re a big enough fan and you have a fat enough wallet, you can approximate the entire Chanterelle experience, including¬†the services of Chanterelle’s owners, David and Karen Waltuck, who will prepare a dinner in your home for eight people for $6,000. From top: menus by Robert Indiana, Francesco Clemente, and Alex Katz; a water pitcher; crown molding, and a chandelier.



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