A Vroom of One’s Own

classiccarclub2Groupon‘s “side deal” today is a sweet one for anyone who’s passed by Classic Car Club Manhattan, on Hudson, and dreamed of driving one of those insane cars. For $399—normally $900—you get a day of driving six cars in the Bear Mountain region. Here’s the description: “Your day begins, à la James Bond [Huh? —Ed.], in the elegant confines of Classic Car Club Manhattan at 9 a.m. with coffee and a briefing on each car. Once you’re fully educated on what makes the Nissan GT-R, F430 Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, Shelby Cobra, and others so darn cool, you’ll get to tear up some road matter with each of them, with lunch served along the way. You’ll be back at Classic Car Club by 5 p.m., just in time for a cocktail hour, during which you may chat with your fellow drivers about which ride was the sweetest. Or you can just sit and make dazed vroom-vroom noises for the entire hour. Classic Car Club Manhattan is used to that.”

Four total have to be bought for the deal to be sealed, and one has already been purchased. There’s about a day and a half left to sign on. From what I can tell, the day of driving must be on Mar. 31, Apr. 14 or May 12 (though the way it’s written, it sounds like you have to call to make an appointment on those days).

Oh! If you decide to buy it, and you’ve never Grouponed before, click this link: http://www.groupon.com/r/uu951011. I’ll get a $10 Groupon credit. Nothing wrong with that!


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