Sweet Revenge

tribeca-treats-sign-by-tribeca-citizenTribeca Treats is really getting into the anti–Valentine’s Day spirit. Owner Rachel Thebault says that she was inspired by a brewpub in Westchester—owned by a friend of Tribeca Treats’ manager—that celebrates V-Day by serving romantic dinners to couples in the dining room and hosting a “haters’ party” in the bar. So while you can get all sorts of traditional Valentine’s goodies at Tribeca Treats, you can also buy heart-shaped chocolate cookies iced with kiss-off phrases, black-patterned plates and napkins, and even anti-Valentine cards. Now, I’m not saying I want to be presented with a cookie that says “Back Off,” but Rachel gave me a couple to take home, and OH MY GOODNESS were they delicious. I’m tempted to go pick up more, but they might jeopardize my relationship—then again, there’s little chance the cookie would even make it out of the bakery….

The cookies are $2.50 each and also available with four brownies, four scooped cookies, and four sandwich cookies in the $25 Valentine Haters’ Tin.



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