In the News: “Fire Massages” on Reade

••• “A Brooklyn pizza man transformed his basement Tribeca condo into a cheesy ‘extreme party”‘ spot, complete with a stripper pole and a 15-foot slide onto a sunken dance floor, court papers charge. One party offered ‘fire massages’—where a burning stick is waved over partially clad partygoers. In a bid to avoid possible legal liability for the bacchanalian bashes, the owner, James McGown, transferred the deed for the apartment to his 6-year-old daughter, his disgusted neighbors claim in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. The real-estate developer and restaurateur—he owns South Brooklyn Pizza and PJ Hanley’s bar in Carroll Gardens—bought the basement unit on Reade Street in 2006.” (New York Post—click for video of a fire massage!)

••• “Several months after the highest court in New York ruled that Stuyvesant Town’s owners were wrong to deregulate apartments while receiving tax breaks, the state’s housing agency has determined that another landlord who once received the breaks had the right to charge market-rate rents. Although the new case, which involves Independence Plaza North, a Tribeca complex with 1,300 apartments, has similarities to the Stuyvesant Town case, there were some differences.” (The New York Times)

1263585740••• Jonathan Reynolds’s Girls in Trouble at the Flea gets a good review from the New York Times: “a raw, flawed work. But he also goes places intellectually and dramatically that no left-wing dramatist would dare. At times that’s thrilling.”

••• “The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. still has much of the $2 billion it received from the federal government after 9/11 as of Dec. 2009. While about $1.87 billion of that money has been allocated to specific projects, only $1.33 billion has been spent, and the L.M.D.C. has another $135 million that is not definitely committed to any purpose. These numbers do not include the additional $783 million the L.M.D.C. later received from the federal government, mostly for utility repairs. That utility fund contains another $159 million that has not been formally committed to a specific purpose.” (Downtown Express)

••• Someone at Tribeca Health & Fitness recognized actor Nick Cannon, now best known as Mariah Carey’s husband, but drew a blank about what she had seen him in. (New York Daily “News”)

••• Battery Park City’s new library opens Monday; it’s at 175 North End Ave. (Tribeca Trib)


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