Seen & Heard: Selling Bonds

casino-royale-jpgmoonraker-jpg••• On April 8, Swann Galleries will be auctioning The Otto Penzler Collection of British Espionage and Thriller Fiction. Patrons of Penzler’s Mysterious Bookshop will find much to covet in the catalogue (click the “Otto Penzler Collection” link to see it), but even if you’re not an aficionado, the jackets are fabulous.

••• Everybody ♥ a bargain, part 1: Body & Mind Builders is spinning off a new business (in its current location). Called DoYogaAndPilates, it has an interesting business model, in that adult classes will be donation-based (with $10 the suggested amount). Owners Elisa Chen and Clement Chin say that they want to make yoga and Pilates more accessible and affordable for everyone. It starts April 1. Everybody ♥ a bargain, part 2: Through Apr. 30, Tribeca MedSpa is offering $100 off Botox used to treat excessive sweating. Everybody ♥ a bargain, part 3: At Tribeca Spa of Tranquility, $109 buys you a 70-minute mani-pedi (and reflexology) and a 60-minute facial or massage.

••• Franklin Café Tavola Calda is now delivering.

••• The other day I was walking on Beekman Street, near the Seaport, when I spied a folded $20 bill on the sidewalk: My first though was, Score! Followed quickly by, It’s probably one of those trick bills that Balloon Saloon uses as its business card. It was real, but my point here is that I’ve been well-trained….


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