Artist in Aisle Two

09990003You have just a day and a half longer to get up to the Starbucks at Broadway and Bond to see the photography of Kerwin K. Williamson, an artist and photographer who lives in Brooklyn and works part time at Tribeca Hardware on Chambers. Actually, Tribeca Hardware is more than Williamson’s employer—it’s also his muse. The exhibit (his debut) is titled “Tribeca Hardware,” and the images were all taken in and around the store. “The store has a strange feel of chaos and order, of possibility within pre-packaged products,” he says. “And I had a feeling visually it would look great. Match that against the customers and the neighborhood, and it seemed right.” If 36 hours is too tight of a window, no worries: Williamson’s color photographs will be shown at the same Starbucks in May/June.



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