Seen & Heard: Blank Space

img_4572img_4536••• Photos from the recent Tribeca Retail Club event are posted here (and at right). If you like what you see, tickets for the next one (June 25) are on sale here.

••• The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center has introduced a Downtown Projects and Streetworks Map: “The Projects and Streetworks Map is being upgraded in three phases. Phase I debuted March 11th, combining multiple LMCCC databases into Google Maps or Google Earth. Project sites are “clickable,” revealing basic information and linking to Project Updates on the website for more details. It also includes a calendar that users can click through for status updates, changing work zones, and future work (as currently scheduled). Phase II was launched in late March, and includes 4-D buildings with a time slider (the “fourth dimension” being time). This allows users to view multiple construction sites in 4-D as the work occurred at specific points in time. This upgrade also includes selectable layers of information, including project categories, status, details within the map, and City DOT traffic cameras at multiple locations. The Phase III upgrades, expected to launch in early April, will include detailed street-impact information. This will visually represent the amount of road-work lanes being occupied. A site photo library and dedicated search function will be included to easily find specific sites.”

space12-300x164••• Space on White is running a contest: “If you are an artistic, theatre, dance, music or production company looking for a rehearsal and performance ‘home,’ enter Space on White’s contest by developing a short performance skit on video (1–4 minutes), showcasing your organization’s talents and mission while answering Space on White’s question: What could you do with Space on White as your blank canvas? First place: 80 hours of free space—a $2,000 value—at Space on White, as well as a residency, which includes publicity through Space on White, storage space, and more. Second place: 50 hours of free space at Space on White. Deadline: April 12.

••• Everybody ♥ a bargain: Tribeca Spa of Tranquility is running a bunch—like double digits—of specials for Spa Week, which appears to be April 5–23. (One week is not enough.)


••• Added to City Winery‘s schedule: Duncan Sheik and Friends on June 3 and 10.

••• It’s Peat Week at Brandy Library, with tastings most every night.



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