In the News: Thirty Days in NYT

••• The New York Times profile of Paper magazine (still around? who knew?) editor Kim Hastreiter ended with a blurb about Thirty Days NY: “This very week, Ms. Hastreiter noted, ‘this genius art collective called the Family ‘is opening a monthlong pop-up gallery at 70 Franklin Street in Tribeca, where they plan to do something pretty close to what Ms. Hastreiter does in Los Angeles. ‘They’re going to curate everything from readings to music to art to live stuff,’ Ms. Hastreiter said. ‘What I love most about it is that it’s not just 20-year-olds, it’s not about age, it’s not about limitations, it’s about community.’ Community and creativity, ‘always trump shallowness and hype in the end,’ Ms. Hastreiter added. ‘I die for that.'”

••• From yesterday but I forgot to post it (you get what you pay for!): St. Vincent’s Hospital is closing. (New York Times)

040710tam13••• Gothamist has lots of nice photos of Tamarind Tribeca, including the one at left.

••• “Two years after a massive police raid on Chinatown’s so-called ‘Counterfeit Triangle’ closed 32 stalls in the neighborhood’s knock-off market, city officials announced Tuesday that the tiny shops can reopen. But they say the block’s days as the nucleus of trade in counterfeit designer goods are over.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “We try to stay clear of the AT&T Long Lines Building because it’s absolutely terrifying, but one angry local got close enough to file this complaint: ‘The AT&T Deathstar building on Thomas Street has turned its park into 7 sweet off-street parking spaces. Lovely use of ‘public’ space don’t you think? No skateboarding. But parking your car for free? No problem!’ If the building is the Deathstar, does that make those Darth Vader’s wheels? Maybe it’s best not to get involved.” (Curbed)


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