Foto Friday

From top:
1. Something snapped in me this week, or maybe it was the nice weather (gone now), but I looked up and felt a twinge of something like affection for the AT&T Long Lines Building.
2. Has Duane Park ever looked lovelier than the past two weeks?
3. This tulip, however, was caught trying to escape.
4. While having lunch at the Breslin—I do leave the neighborhood now and then—I visited the Ace Hotel‘s extremely cool gift shop, where they’re selling these Islamic prayer rugs for $10. It’s a  “Memento by Josee Leppage and Tobias Wong,” meaning the two artists have co-opted merchandise then repackaged it as souvenirs.
5. Staple Street graffiti. It’s a spray-paint can, I’m pretty sure.
6. What can I say? It made me laugh.


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